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YouTube marketing company– Easy Ranking by SEO presents top-quality video promotion services on Youtube at the most affordable prices. You cannot overlook YouTube if you want to turn your business widespread among your target audience. Video promotion company- We present you with an absolute edge to get the most promising results with its YouTube Marketing Services.

Our YouTube video marketing specialists will figure out your requirement and will come up with a 100% working YouTube marketing strategy to benefit your business or brand and succeed in this competitive landscape.

Why YouTube Marketing?

Capture Interest

YouTube is a great platform for creating a large amount of interesting content that can easily manage to capture users’ interest. Content that is unique, engrossing, and genuine is more likely to hook the viewers instead of generic content posted by others.

Increased Reach Of Business

YouTube gets over 2 billion active views every day. This makes it an excellent platform for video promotion on the internet. You can effortlessly make use of this platform to generate high-volume traffic onto your site and your business. Making use of this platform correctly can enable you to expand your reach to potential viewers who might be curious about your brand.

Target Audience

As of today, potential customers prefer watching a video rather than reading long texts or describing a product. YouTube is ideal for reaching out to a broader field of audience and for an excellent Organic reach of any business. Using YouTube marketing services to target a large audience will be best.

Branding Value

Though the products are created in a factory, the notion of branding is born inside people’s minds. Their guise regarding a product comes from here. YouTube is able to help you build this first and last impression of any product. This is because visual representation tends to leave a good image in someone’s mind.

Video Optimization

Video optimization, such as adding annotations and links in the description or tags in the tag place of a video, allows the video to be readily discoverable by Google search engines or different search engines and has a higher probability of popping up on someone’s timeline through that.

Viral Marketing

YouTube has emerged as a platform where you can quickly end up getting fame overnight. As per the statistics, some elements such as emotion and engaging content trigger the viewers to exponentially share and promote a video so much that it provokes a massive traffic flow onto the video and, in turn, the business or brand it represents.

Our YouTube Marketing Services Include

  • YouTube Video SEO
  • Efficient Sound Syndication
  • Video Creation Checklist
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • YouTube Paid Campaign Setup
  • YouTube Ads Monitoring
  • YouTube Ads Optimization
  • Next Month Strategy Planning
Video Creation2 Videos / Month4 Videos / Month8 Videos / Month
YouTube Channel OptimizationYYY
YouTube Video PromotionYYY
Preliminary Review And Analysis
Creation & Set up of YouTube Channel (If Not Available)YYY
Suggestion for a business-oriented YouTube nameYYY
Optimization (Banner Image,Logo,Customizing & Re-sizing)YYY
 Banner Image & Logo Creation (If Not Avaialable)YYY
YouTube Video Content CreationYYY
Youtube Channel – Keyword ResearchYYY
Keyword Research For VideosYYY
Existing Videos Analysis (If Videos Available)YYY
Content Creation – About usYYY
Initial Video Rank AnalysisYYY
YouTube Channel & Video Optimization
Video – Title OptimizationYYY
Video – Description OptimizationYYY
Video – Keyword Analysis & OptimizationYYY
YouTube Channel Tags OptimizationYYY
Connecting YouTube Channel With Website & Social Media ChannelsYYY
Video Thumbnail Creation (For New Videos)YYY
Video Thumbnail Optimization (If Already Exist)YYY
CTR OptimizationYYY
Suggestions for Video Cards and Other (Recommendations Only)YY
Video SubmissionsYYY
Youtube Playlist CreationYYY
Video Rank MonitoringYYY
Suggestions for Video Embedding (Within the Website)YY
Social Media Sharing of VideosYYY
Group Sharing In Relevant Facebook Groups36
 Reporting & Client Support
Client Approval (New Videos)YYY
Monthly ReportYYY
 Monthly Packages Price 399599899

Video Creation2 Videos / Month4 Videos / Month8 Videos / Month
YouTube Channel Optimization
YouTube Video Promotion
Preliminary Review And Analysis   
Creation & Set up of YouTube Channel (If Not Available)
Suggestion for a business-oriented YouTube name
Optimization (Banner Image,Logo,Customizing & Re-sizing)
 Banner Image & Logo Creation (If Not Avaialable)
YouTube Video Content Creation
Youtube Channel – Keyword Research
Keyword Research For Videos
Existing Videos Analysis (If Videos Available)
Content Creation – About us
Initial Video Rank Analysis
YouTube Channel & Video Optimization   
Video – Title Optimization
Video – Description Optimization
Video – Keyword Analysis & Optimization
YouTube Channel Tags Optimization
Connecting YouTube Channel With Website & Social Media Channels
Video Thumbnail Creation (For New Videos)
Video Thumbnail Optimization (If Already Exist)
CTR Optimization
Suggestions for Video Cards and Other (Recommendations Only)
Video Submissions
Youtube Playlist Creation
Video Rank Monitoring
Suggestions for Video Embedding (Within the Website)
Social Media Sharing of Videos
Group Sharing In Relevant Facebook Groups36
 Reporting & Client Support   
Client Approval (New Videos)
Monthly Report
 Monthly Packages Price$399$599$899