Surprising Visual Content Marketing Trends for 2021!

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Just keep your eyes on these latest visual content marketing trends and hire the best digital marketing agency that helps you grow your business digitally.

Do you know how to reshape brands’ content strategy right now?

First of all, you need to know that marketing today is not the same as six years ago, or even one or two years ago. Due to this epidemic situation (COVID-19), the world turned on its head, but the truth is, we have been trending in this way for a while.   

This pandemic simply hits the fast-forward button.

In a curious state of affairs, the isolating and social distancing processes for public health safety have impacted our mental wellness as a whole and the way we view, interact with, and stop brands.    

In simple words, we can say that society is:

  •  Craving more pleasing interactions with brands than before.
  •  Looking for brand trust and ethical values on a new level.
  •  Concentrating more on small businesses and sustainability.

As compared to the past, this is a very different consumer base. Now the question is, how are these trends affecting visual content marketing?       

Visual content marketing is building a more familiar, reliable connection between brands and consumers. It gives the brand a wonderful opportunity to connect in a close way (face-to-face) with its audience.

Social distancing is a big reason why 95% of marketers believe that video is more important for brands in light of the pandemic.

“Your influence is measured not by what you do, but by what happens to other people when you do it.”

Being the best SEO service provider company, we are here with some most amazing and effective visual content trends to watch. Have a look:

Genuine Content Marketing & Stories Boost Audience Engagement

We all know that consumers want to see the other people behind the brand.        

That could come in the procedure of the CEO of the company taking over the company’s roots. A behind-the-scenes look at the CX team so people can put a face to the representative they have been talking to on the phone. Or blog posts that show the people making the products, not just the products by themselves.

It would be great to use Instagram reels, stories, and even videos in order to feature this side of your brand. Get constant at doing it, and you will get noticed efficiently.

Nowadays, people are less concerned with fancy or stylish photos and perfectly arranged models and products photos. The audience wants to see the real person.                                                   

It is good to talk directly to the consumers who want to see an authentic attempt to associate on a more personal, human level instead of using gimmicks and sales pitches to shine a spotlight on your business.

Be open, confident, and vulnerable to share your perspective.

Transform your Lists into Visual Graphics

Transforming your lists into graphics adds the advantage of creating visual interest while breaking the most reliable information out of a text block that is much more likely to be scanned over without dropping in.  

Spike your engagement and increase visitor time on site with more content types that contain visual graphics repurposed from your written content         

Improve your Custom Branded Graphics for Google Images

When you create your data, graphs, and visual concepts, it sets your brand as an authority within your domain and opens the door for links and citations.

Are you looking to make eye-catching content on the go?

Check your content’s readability, consistency, and SEO-friendliness. It helps generate more traffic and increase engagement.

Google can index all the content and graphics in Search and Images if you appropriately optimize every image you upload with an alt tag. Your visual graphics can also be found by publishers who could use them and link to you. You can also optimize the images and graphics you create for your brand assets, so all your content formats show up in Google images.

Livestream Video Content

We have said this before, but we will repeat it because it is important- customers are turning away from polished, heavily edited content that does not feel genuine. It is the same situation with live video streams compared to pre-recorded videos.

Live streaming has a sense of proximity that makes the customers feel more connected since the events are occurring in real-time, especially with the rise of cybernetic events.

In live streaming, viewers can also post comments and interact directly with the host that helps to increase engagement.

The Gratified Interactive Visual Content Marketing

This type of highly appealing content is especially prominent in social media stories, but it does not have to be bound to Facebook and Instagram.  

Whether that is ranking a favorite outfit, taking an online quiz, engaging in a bingo game, style post, or a range of other options, the important function of this visual content is to challenge your customers to interact directly.

Shoppable Visual Content

Purchasing products directly from social media was once a novel concept. Nowadays, it has become a trend. In 2020, 24.6% of Facebook users made a purchase directly on the platform.

Social media networks have been inclined into the trend by delivering business tools like shopping stickers and product tags. But shoppable visual content is not limited to social media.

Companies are getting inventive and adding shop links directly into their digital catalogs, blog posts, and just about anywhere else a link can go.

Gifs and Animation

The popularity of this type of visual content has been increasing day by day. You can use them in various ways, such as screening a step in an instructional post, beautifying an image, or adding an entertaining or engaging twist to your content. There is a gif out there for just about anything you can think of.             

The Bottom Line:

Engagement, truthfulness, and reliability are what modern-day consumers are looking for. Visual content marketing across all channels and platforms is developing to meet those needs and change the way audiences perceive and interact with brands.  

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