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Instagram New Update
Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announces additional expansion into video as he states that Instagram is about more than just sharing photos.  

This is good news for all Instagram users!

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announces additional expansion into video as he states that Instagram is about more than just sharing photos.  

He says that his company’s app is currently building new experiences in four different key areas: creators, video, shopping, and messaging.

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Key Areas of Instagram (Announcement of Instagram)


The first and foremost priority of Instagram is creators. The company wants to help them earn a living with new monetization features.

The head of the company, Adam Mosseri, recognizes that there is a change in power from institutions to individuals throughout the industries, and he wants to move this app in that direction.    


The second priority is video, which is shortsighted with a great amount of growth online on all big platforms right now. He says that the app needs to lean into video more. In addition to this, he says that he later explained how he plans for all these things and updates.    


Another area Instagram plans to magnify is shopping. We all know that this COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the change of commerce from offline to online. And no doubt, it is good to shop online instead of offline if you want to protect yourself from this virus. Instagram is also trying to make the most out of that trend.


The next area Instagram plans to build out is messaging. We all know that Instagram has become the primary way for people to connect with their close friends on the app. Communication has changed away from feed posts and stories and moved toward DMs over the past five years.

With the help of this post, we share more relevant information about how Instagram plans to increase its video offerings and get new content in front of more audiences.

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Big and Wonderful Plans for Video on Instagram

Before hurling into his company’s plans for video, the head of Instagram says that we are no longer only a photo-sharing app.

The latest research finds that entertainment is the number one reason people use the app. And entertainment is what people are looking for every time they open it.

Instagram will lean more into video in order to keep its users entertained and interested. Mosseri recognizes there is serious competition between multiple related apps, which means there is plenty of work ahead for Instagram to get on the same level.

The company is taking on this challenge by working on a number of modifications that will roll out in the future. One of those modifications is a new way of allocating content as well as introducing users to a wider variety of creators.  

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Instagram will try more in the space of endorsements over the next couple of months. That contains displaying users’ content in their feed from accounts they may not be following yet.

Last week, the first version of this test started rolling out. In addition to this, there is a new test where users can say which topics they want to discuss more or less this week.

Instagram will also be testing how video is used as a content format. Here are some expectations of Mosseri for Instagram. Have a look:

Instagram will test how it holds video more broadly- full-screen, immersive, amusing, and mobile-first video.

Adam Mosseri says that you will see us do lots of interesting things or experiment with several things in this space over the coming months.

In the End:

The company expects to be clearer in its communication of forthcoming changes, remarking these plans show a constant effort and not an instant change.

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