Top Ranking Factors of SEO in 2021: Things You Need To Know For Your Business Growth!

In Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role in any business development. Just imagine seeing your company ranking top in the search engine; this sounds good, right? Yeah, so let’s begin with what SEO can do for your business? And Why is it essential to connect with the best SEO service provider company? And what are the ranking factors of SEO? 

Suppose when you want to increase your business with potential customers, you need to build your business so that whenever anybody searches for your products, one can automatically see your page ranking. As we know, more than 4 billion people are surfing the internet and google per day. This indicates that Google is the primary place to advertise your business and products. There are various advantages of SEO in the market; therefore, it is also essential to connect with the SEO Service Provider Company to build a strong connection with customers. 

Why is SEO important?

  • Build brand visibility

When a business concentrates on the best SEO strategies or factors, your brand gets more traffic and potential customers. If it is an e-commerce website or business, you can attract more people to buy your services or products. THerefore SEO plays an important role. 

  • Responsive website

More than 50% of the population uses Google on their mobile phone. Whether it is entertainment, shopping, or any other activities, a website must be mobile-friendly. According to google, if any user feels good about visiting your website, it will also increase business growth. 

  • Enhance website experience

Google has declared that the user experience of the website will also help in increasing the rank. Therefore, SEO services make any website more users experience by creating unique content and web pages. 

  • Connect with customers

SEO helps present your business in the market, so; it creates a chain of connectivity where you can build a good customer connection. Likewise, SEO is important for every business in the market that needs an online platform. Not only in increasing your business sale, but you can gain lots of trustworthy customers for your business. It is important to stand in the online market business; that is how SEO works.

How Ranking Factors Of SEO Affects Your Business?

  • Secured Websites:- This is one of the major ranking factors of SEO. A secure website includes a safe HTTPS SSL certificate that helps establish a safe connection between the user and the website. Also, it helps in keeping user’s information confidential. Therefore, it is vital to add an SSL certificate to your website. 
  • Responsive Website: Mobile friendliness means your website should be responsive. According to google policy, this is also one of the important ranking factors of SEO. When there is a good user experience, it helps in increasing the rank in search engines.
  • Website speed (including page speed): Website page speed is one of the important things to consider because it provides a good user experience. When a user browses for the content, they want information within a second. Therefore, to ensure that your website speed is fast, you should use different speed checker tools. 
  • Domain period and age:  The age of the domain matters a lot. It is said that older domains rank better than new ones. If you are new in the business, have patience and trust in your SEO efforts, it will take time to rank in the search engine. 
  • Unique Content: Make sure that the content used in your website is optimized. It should be 100% unique and informative. Also, keywords should be appropriate because keywords help in ranking your website in the search engine. 
  • Backlink In a website: It helps in making your website authoritative. Creating backlinks falls in the category of OFF-page SEO strategy. But this plays an important role in SEO ranking factors because it also improves the website’s DA. 
  • Business Listing: Business listing is all about representing your business to the customers. It helps to give an overall view of your business, including services. Search engines rank those businesses that are more credible and authoritative. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to create a google my business page and set up your business profiles there. 


Now that you know why SEO is important for any business and the ranking factor of SEO,  if you are looking to increase your business growth in the market, visit us today. We at Easy Ranking by SEO support our customers in building their business and providing them with a platform to explore their business growth. So, get an exclusive digital platform and make your business rank top in the online market. 

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