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We are a group of Google Adwords Certified experts working with numerous clients globally to help businesses succeed. With the aid of our PPC Management Services, some startups that had a limited budget are now spending and making spectacular sales.

Several top industry names, small businesses, and individuals use Google Adwords, the most widely used PPC platform, to enhance their marketing efforts and reach a larger audience. PPC is an excellent online marketing technique that, when properly executed, works.

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Why Pay Per Click Services A Potent Marketing Tool?

  • Suitable for all sizes and types of enterprises across all industries.
  • Effective customer base growth is aided by instant reach.
  • Implement marketing initiatives more quickly and efficiently for a wider audience.
  • Increase the value and quantifiability of your brand to boost revenue and company expansion.
  • Improve leads at lower costs while effectively and efficiently developing your business ideas.

How Do PPC Campaigns Operate?

You might be curious about its operation if you’ve never considered including a PPC campaign in your internet marketing plan. Pay Per Click advertising involves setting a budget and, for instance, using Facebook or Google advertisements, paying a fee each time your ad is clicked. The fundamental idea behind this type of marketing is that you only pay when consumers engage in the intended activity you specify, including views, clicks, and impressions.

PPC services are utilized on numerous platforms and fall under a broad category. Most PPC campaigns are typically run through Google or social media advertising. Here’s how both differ:

Google Ads PPC Campaigns

You pay Google the sum you desire to use in your PPC campaign to promote the adverts on your website. As a result, your ad will appear at the top of the organic search results for your desired phrase. You will utilize your budget to pay the agreed-upon cost per click (CPC) each time a user clicks on your advertisement. Google stops running your ad once you’ve spent every penny in your budget. If your company’s marketing objectives aren’t achieved, you can decide to increase your funds to continue the campaign.

Social Media PPC Campaigns

Although Google ads undoubtedly have a broader audience because they cover roughly 98 percent of the web, using paid social ads can produce fruitful outcomes. With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most used platform for social media PPC ads by a digital marketing company. Because Facebook also owns Instagram, one of the major advantages of using Facebook campaigns is that your ads will seamlessly transition to the platform at the same time. LinkedIn can be a valuable strategic tool for people working in B2B sectors.


We Ensure You Get The Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

Although PPC is straight forward to establish, a campaign without the support of a knowledgeable team is unlikely to be successful. The Easy Ranking PPC team sets up and manages your PPC campaign skillfully to ensure that all your objectives are achieved. Here is the procedure we use to draw in more clients and increase conversions for increased sales:

Create Goals For Your PPC Campaign

We work with you to clearly define your company’s marketing objectives so that we can create and implement a unique PPC strategy. While offering pay per click services, we consider the demographic you’re aiming for and the goal you’re trying to accomplish. The Easy Ranking team will ask you all the pertinent questions to ensure that your campaign has clear, strategic goals in place from the start.

Use A Clear And Effective Campaign Structure

Our team adopts a pertinent and straightforward campaign framework for every client to deliver a clear message to users and encourage conversions. We ensure you get the most out of your targeting for the best audience response rates. Your campaign will be more effective and less complicated, thanks to our campaign structures’ complete manageability and knack.

We Track Success And Provide Reports

Your PPC campaign’s success will be entirely transparent for you, and you will be aware of the contributing variables. By doing this, we can better match your goals with the outcomes you get, adjusting as necessary along the way. We consider several variables, such as budgets, landing sites, the relevance of the keywords and the ads, and more while offering PPC services.

Our process of PPC services

A Path To Success For Our Clients 


We connect with the advertisers to better understand their core business, target audience, and procedure to reach that audience during the discovery phase .


In this stage, we identify the target channels for pay-per-click advertising and determine which audience to target. Additionally, we perform keyword research to determine which keyword to target in search terms.


Creating good ads takes time and evaluation. Our well-versed professionals will make several variations of a single ad and test them to find out which types of ads generate outstanding results and work well with the target audience.


Getting your ads in front of people’s eyes is important, but it is also important to convert those leads into sales. We at Easy Ranking by SEO evaluate each and everything before implementation to provide you with outstanding results.


In order to determine the relative performance of an ad, our campaigns are implemented quickly, and innovative testing tools are used to track every ad.


We make regular reports to provide you with timely information on how a campaign is performing. Our report includes the average cost per conversion, which channels generate effective results, and additional efforts.

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PPC-Pay Per Click Services

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Easy Ranking by SEO is one of the best and ardent digital marketing companies in the USA. Our professional strategists in PPC can handle your ad campaign with skills and provide outstanding results. Our professionals will write and create captivating visual content. We offer transparency with full reporting and answerability so that you can appropriately track the success of any of our campaigns.

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