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latest official announcement of google

Do you know SeekToAction markup is now out of beta? 

Yes!! Here is good news for all users from Google. Now, Google officially liftoffs SeekToAction for main moments for video in search. 

At Google I/O, the company disclosed newfangled ways to understand how to timestamps your videos for key moments in Google search. Today, Google announced SeekToAction markup that can be used for any website for videos. 

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What are the key moments in videos?

If we talk about key moments, these are shown in search engines for videos where Google can define the sections of timestamps of the video. With the help of search results, Google lets users jump to key moments of the video directly. 

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Previously, in order to create the key moment timestamps, Google used the YouTube description and timestamps in the description. This markup tells Google how your video URL structure works. With the help of this, Google can show key moments that are spontaneously recognized for your video.

Google also said that if you want Google to understand how your URL structure works, you must add the potential action. startOffset-input, and potential action. target properties to link users to a point within the video. 

The main thing that you need to do is tell your URL structure to Google for skipping to a specific timestamp within your video. After understanding URL structure, Google uses AI to recognize key moments in the video and show links directly in the search results for the video. 

Below are some imperative tips for using SeekToAction markup for your latest videos. Let’s have a look:

  • First and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is your URL pattern. Ensure that your URLs have the ability to deep-link into some point other than the start point in the video. 
  • Always try to use SeekToAction markup on every video where you want Google to recognize key moments automatically. 
Follow our additional guidelines, here is thorough information: 

  • Google can fetch your video content files in order to identify key moments in your video automatically. 
  • The SeekToAction markup applies only to videos inserted on your own site, Google said. 

Why do we care?

You can easily make your videos stand out from the rest with the help of those videos showing in Google Search. This amazing markup can help enrich your video results in Google Search to help boost click-through rates from search results to your videos. 

In the End:

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