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Google comes with a new update on July 26, 2021. Do you know what it is? Don’t leave your chair and read this post carefully to know everything about this update.  

On July 26, 2021, the Google ‘link spam algorithm’ update started rolling out, making its algorithms more effective at classifying and annulling link spam. The update began rolling out yesterday and will take around two to three weeks to implement search results in multiple languages broadly.   

Google said that changes in rankings are coming up for some site owners:

  • We are launching a new link spam change today in order to improve the quality of the search results. These changes are known as “link spam updates.”
  • Sites associated with link spam will see changes in Search as our algorithms re-evaluated those links.  

“We have posted a new update. Be the first one to unlock.”

Information covered throughout Google’s revelation suggests a specific underscoring target link from sponsored, guests, and affiliate content. Indeed, the announcement starts as a casual reminder to add on affiliate content with the appropriate real values.  

This is a sign that Google wants site owners to pay proper attention to its advice on managing links within content where there is an exchange of value involved. 

Let’s take a glance at Google’s guidance that looks to be especially appropriate to this algorithm update. 

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Best Practices for Google Link Tag 

Google informs site owners to qualify links perfectly when connecting to other sites. The sites are needed to add tags to links where there is a value exchange between the two domains. Specifically, Google singles out affiliate links and links from supported and guest content. 

Here are some essential recommendations of Google for each type of link. Have a look:

Affiliate links

Google asks site owners to take part in affiliate programs to qualify these links with rel=’sponsored’, whether these links are created dynamically or manually. 

Links from sponsored posts

All advertisements or paid placements links are to be marked up with the rel=’sponsored’ value. 

Links from guest posts

Rel=’nofollow’ value is used to markup links from guest posts. 

Google also mentions that it may issue manual actions when it finds sites that fail to perfectly qualify the above types of link. 

Bottom Line:

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